GMU’s Undergrad Psych Blog: Welcome Mason!

Hey everyone,

Welcome Mason! The GMU Undergrad Psych Blog is a new and creative way for undergraduate psychology majors to express themselves through a wide variety of posts ranging from research here on campus, the latest in psyc news, ones personal take on various social issues and how it relates to psychology, programs/events on campus that are psychology related, and much more. The idea for the blog was sparked this past summer during the George Zimmerman Murder Trial, a case that had huge social and legal implications. Before, during, and after the trial many Mason students took it upon themselves to express their beliefs on social media. Moreover, several posts not only expressed the details of the case (and ones opinion associated with it) but also how the trial was able to shape and mold their social perceptions of how they not only view themselves but others as well.  While reading some of the comments it was apparent that many GMU students were in need of an outlet that allowed them to express themselves in a setting that was not only informative but specific to their area of interest and educational pursuits. Thus, the first meeting for the GMU Undergraduate Psych Blog took place Wednesday September 11th, 2013 and has remained progressive ever since!

If you are interested, or just want to inquire more about the newsletter, feel free to send an email to ,or you can send an email to any of the following:
Thompson Imasogie at
Pierre Durrant at
Montrel Tennesse at
Thank you and enjoy the blog!

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