Overbearing Parents and College.. A Recipe For Disaster

By: Thompson Imasogie

overprotective-parentsSince my years as a freshman I was always curious about the types of homes that some of my friends where raised in. Curious because when observing some of their behaviors I would often think to myself “does his dad let him leave his room dirty like this at home?” or “wait.. you mean to tell me this is the first party she’s ever been to?”. Questions like these (and many others) have always sparked my interest on the effects of the different types of parenting/home environments and how they shape ones behavior while in college. Often times we notice that some students take it upon themselves to explore every single nuance that college life has to offer, things that were once banned or prohibited while growing up back home,  and as a result many of these students often struggle to find an identity in college and the impact can be disastrous. Reuters of February 13, 2013 explains the correlation between overbearing parents and depression amongst said students, a problem that can have long lasting effects on ones ability to mature, develop socially, and learn from their mistakes. Furthermore, Denise Mann of the February 23,2012 article of WebMD takes a different route by explaining that overly strict parenting can result in delinquent behavior among teenagers. When you mix delinquency with a free and open environment like a college campus this can quickly become a recipe for disaster. 

Goldsmith, Belinda: February 13,2013 (Reuters) 

Mann, Denise: Febuary 23, 2012 (WebMD)


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